Forgotten Realms

Day 7

On their way back to the inn, the party discussed killing the mimic. After everyone agreed that it was the right thing to do, the wizard teleported the party to the area where the mimic was staying. The wizard was a man of his word, and offered the mimic food, but before he could eat it, the paladin attacked. The mimic fought back, and stepped partly into the hallway so that he could attack better, but he was still mostly shielded in his alcove. The dwarf stepped up to assist the paladin, but had difficulty hitting the mimic. The wizard cast a spell to make the paladin larger, which was a great help to the paladin. The cleric was next to the paladin, healing him whenever he was injured by the mimic. After several rounds of beatings, the mimic succumbed to his wounds, and expired.
The party went back into the side room that had the half-eaten corpse, to retrieve the picture frames, then the wizard teleported them back to the entrance of the catacombs. After getting the platform lowered, and loading all of the frames onto it, the party started up the chute, when suddenly, the dwarf, the cleric, and the paladin were pulled violently downward. The dwarf was able to remain standing, but the cleric and paladin fell onto the platform. When the paladin looked down, he spotted a large monster that he didn’t recognize. He rolled off of the platform, and fell the 20 feet to the ground. The cleric quickly followed. The paladin discovered that the monster was attracting metal objects, and started to remove his armor. He removed the top half by the time the monster advanced up to him. He decided to attack the monster with his mace, and was able to land a solid blow. The wizard, still on the platform, used a crossbow to fire a bolt at the monster. He then threw a handful of bolts, most of which hit the paladin. The cleric was able to come up to the monster, and was able to attack successfully, but had trouble bringing her sword to bear a second time.
After finally vanquishing the strange beast, the party had the platform lowered again, and discovered that the monster had come from the “secret door” that could not be opened. There they discovered a pile of artifacts, among them was an enchanted heavy steel shield, a scroll with two 3rd level spells, an enchanted kukri, and a large amount of coins. The group loaded up the loot, and went back up the chute, and met with the innkeeper. After hearing some of the tales of the catacombs, innkeeper offered to buy the frames, including the one with the illusionary skeleton, as well as the white dragon tapestry. Afterward, the party adjourned to their room, where the wizard was able to study the new magical items. The most significant discovery was the kukri, which appeared to have a Keen enchantment, as well as a Ghost Touch enchantent, and upon further inspection, appeared to be an intelligent item. The wizard handed the knife over to the paladin, who was unable to withstand the will of the kukri, and insisted that the group try to find some ghosts to kill. The wizard talked him down, and the party rested for the evening.



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