Forgotten Realms

Day 4

After resting next to the pit, the party ventured farther down the corridor. The paladin and dwarf were in the lead, and were struck by a damaging loud noise. The wizard remembered something about a sonic trap that could be silenced by feeding it a magical scroll, so he set about crafting a wizard’s scroll. The paladin then entered the affected area to deposit the scroll, taking more damage in the process. Once the scroll was deposited though, the trap was stopped.
The group ventured south from that location, and discovered a side passage that roughly made a square and reconnected back to the southerly tunnel. The party felt a quake and heard the sound of falling rubble coming from the south, and after carefully advancing, they discovered a stairwell that had been partially collapsed. The wizard and the paladin set to clearing the rubble, so they could inspect the stairs, but after about 10 minutes of working, the rubble lifted itself off of the stair and set itself back into the ceiling. They cautiously advanced up the stairs, and were confronted by two flaming spheres. The group set to attacking the spheres, to little effect, unless they were struck by the cleric’s magical sword, or the wizard’s spells. They did defeat the flaming spheres, which dissipated quietly, only to be confronted by a blinding white light. The wizard recognized this light from his dream, and decided to reach his hand into the center of the light. He found a magical ring, but was unable to determine what type of ring it might be at that time. When the light dissipated, a wall of force sprang up, blocking the top of the stair, so the group ventured back into the corridor, and explored in an easterly direction.
The dwarf discovered a secret door at the end of one passage, and the paladin, with the help of the rest of the group, managed to break it down. The door had opened up into a large room, with exits on the north-east and south-east sides. After exploring the northern exit a little bit, the party settled on the southern exit, which led to another long tunnel. They decided on a right turn, and after a little ways, another right turn, and after traveling a little down this corridor, they discovered a storage room with one exit, and an arcane inscription of a door on the south wall. This is where the group decided to rest for the night.



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