Forgotten Realms


On this adventure date, Nathaniel and Armrathir went to visit Kelban Blackstaff at Blackstaff Tower. In this they were able to trade the Rods from the creatures in exchange for some magical bracers of protection +1 (3 pair) and also 3 magic scrolls. The wizard was then able to later learn spells from those scrolls.

The group then ventured back to the dungeon where they were able to rescue NiKo from a jail cell and an etten.

Day 7

On their way back to the inn, the party discussed killing the mimic. After everyone agreed that it was the right thing to do, the wizard teleported the party to the area where the mimic was staying. The wizard was a man of his word, and offered the mimic food, but before he could eat it, the paladin attacked. The mimic fought back, and stepped partly into the hallway so that he could attack better, but he was still mostly shielded in his alcove. The dwarf stepped up to assist the paladin, but had difficulty hitting the mimic. The wizard cast a spell to make the paladin larger, which was a great help to the paladin. The cleric was next to the paladin, healing him whenever he was injured by the mimic. After several rounds of beatings, the mimic succumbed to his wounds, and expired.
The party went back into the side room that had the half-eaten corpse, to retrieve the picture frames, then the wizard teleported them back to the entrance of the catacombs. After getting the platform lowered, and loading all of the frames onto it, the party started up the chute, when suddenly, the dwarf, the cleric, and the paladin were pulled violently downward. The dwarf was able to remain standing, but the cleric and paladin fell onto the platform. When the paladin looked down, he spotted a large monster that he didn’t recognize. He rolled off of the platform, and fell the 20 feet to the ground. The cleric quickly followed. The paladin discovered that the monster was attracting metal objects, and started to remove his armor. He removed the top half by the time the monster advanced up to him. He decided to attack the monster with his mace, and was able to land a solid blow. The wizard, still on the platform, used a crossbow to fire a bolt at the monster. He then threw a handful of bolts, most of which hit the paladin. The cleric was able to come up to the monster, and was able to attack successfully, but had trouble bringing her sword to bear a second time.
After finally vanquishing the strange beast, the party had the platform lowered again, and discovered that the monster had come from the “secret door” that could not be opened. There they discovered a pile of artifacts, among them was an enchanted heavy steel shield, a scroll with two 3rd level spells, an enchanted kukri, and a large amount of coins. The group loaded up the loot, and went back up the chute, and met with the innkeeper. After hearing some of the tales of the catacombs, innkeeper offered to buy the frames, including the one with the illusionary skeleton, as well as the white dragon tapestry. Afterward, the party adjourned to their room, where the wizard was able to study the new magical items. The most significant discovery was the kukri, which appeared to have a Keen enchantment, as well as a Ghost Touch enchantent, and upon further inspection, appeared to be an intelligent item. The wizard handed the knife over to the paladin, who was unable to withstand the will of the kukri, and insisted that the group try to find some ghosts to kill. The wizard talked him down, and the party rested for the evening.

Day 6

The party explored some tunnels to the north. They discovered a room littered with corpses, and caltrops, as well as a strange green portal on the wall. After some experimentation, the wizard discovered that he could not activate the portal. The group then explored some tunnels to the north west, and were ambushed by some giant brains with beaks and tentacles. After dispatching the monsters, the group found a sack of treasure on the floor, and the dwarf discovered a secret cubby in the wall, that contained a well crafted dwarven axe. The wizard studied it, and discovered that it had a Keen enhancement.
The party decided to explore some tunnels to the east, and found a dwarven statue, that would say, “Disturb not the rest of those who served Bereg Whitehelm, or the axes of the dwarves will seek you out and fall upon you!”, whenever the group would step within 10 feet of it. There was a secret door at the end of the tunnel, that, once opened, appeared to lead into the tunnel leading into this part of the complex. It seemed to be the door that would previously not open.
Doubling back, the group discovered a tunnel that led to the east, and opened up into a large room, with a raised dais, a dark altar, and a large tapestry of a white dragon . The cleric and the paladin felt an evil presence upon entering the room, and when the party approached the dais, two skeletal figures stepped from behind the tapestry. They attacked the group, who quickly dispatched them, and discovered a hidden door behind the tapestry. The paladin decided to light some candles that were on the dais, which triggered the secret door to open. When the door opened, a flaming skull came out, and attempted to attack the wizard, who was wearing his anti-magic ring. The flameskull attacked with a fiery ray, which could not penetrate the anti-magic field created by the magical ring. The paladin stepped up to attack the flameskull, landing a solid hit, but the flameskull kept attacking the wizard, to no avail. The dais was blocking access for the cleric and the dwarf, so they had to climb up onto the dais to score a hit. After a few more minutes of fighting, the party dispatched the flameskull, and the cleric poured some holy water over the bones and ashes of the skeletons and flameskull, in the hopes of keeping them from coming back to attack again.
The group stepped into the secret room, and discovered a strange mirror, and a coffin. The coffin appeared to be of dwarven make, but appeared to be empty. The cleric discovered a hidden alcove behind the mirror, which turned out to be an illusory mirror. Inside was a small silver figurine of a raven, an enchanted ring, an enchanted war hammer, and a couple of maps, which seemed to illustrate a couple of different ways to get into the next level. The wizard studied the ring, which seemed to be enchanted with protection magic, and the silver raven was enchanted to turn into a real silver raven upon command. The hammer was enchanted with cold magic.
After clearing out the tomb, the group discovered tunnels leading to the south, then to the west, which led to a large pit in the middle of a circular room. After a few minutes of checking the pit, which seemed to have cobwebs about 30 feet down, a spider crawled out of the pit, and attacked the paladin. He smashed it, and a minute later, another spider appeared. The paladin poured some oil down the pit, and set it on fire. Six more spiders climbed up the pit, some catching fire and dying, others climbing to the top of the pit to be slain. The wizard sent a magical bolt down the pit and a moment later, a strange looking ooze started up the pit. The ooze attacked the group at the top of the pit, but the group made quick work of dispatching it. The group explored the pit, and found that the web was an illusion, and that at the bottom of the pit was three enchanted arrows, and a strange feather. The arrows were simply enchanted, and the feather was enchanted to turn into a large boat, but that could only be used once.
After all of their adventures, the group decided to head back to the storage room. The wizard studied the maps they found in the tomb, and discovered that the strange arcane mark in the room was actually a portal that had a very specific trigger. They decided that they would need to go back up to the inn to restock their supplies, and stay the night in the inn, and after they would head back down into the tunnels, then venture into the lower regions.

Day 5

The group spent the night in a storage room, with an arcane mark on the wall. The wizard studied the mark, and his new ring. While he was wearing the ring, and was within a few inches of the mark, it would disappear. After a few tests, he decided that the mark was just an Arcane Mark spell cast on the wall in the shape of a door. The group decided to explore some of the tunnels to the west, and were ambushed by a pair of strange monsters. After dispatching the monsters, the group decided to explore some vents near the ceiling, and discovered a corpse that was wearing mithral chain. After nursing their wounds, they went back to the storage room to rest again.

Day 4

After resting next to the pit, the party ventured farther down the corridor. The paladin and dwarf were in the lead, and were struck by a damaging loud noise. The wizard remembered something about a sonic trap that could be silenced by feeding it a magical scroll, so he set about crafting a wizard’s scroll. The paladin then entered the affected area to deposit the scroll, taking more damage in the process. Once the scroll was deposited though, the trap was stopped.
The group ventured south from that location, and discovered a side passage that roughly made a square and reconnected back to the southerly tunnel. The party felt a quake and heard the sound of falling rubble coming from the south, and after carefully advancing, they discovered a stairwell that had been partially collapsed. The wizard and the paladin set to clearing the rubble, so they could inspect the stairs, but after about 10 minutes of working, the rubble lifted itself off of the stair and set itself back into the ceiling. They cautiously advanced up the stairs, and were confronted by two flaming spheres. The group set to attacking the spheres, to little effect, unless they were struck by the cleric’s magical sword, or the wizard’s spells. They did defeat the flaming spheres, which dissipated quietly, only to be confronted by a blinding white light. The wizard recognized this light from his dream, and decided to reach his hand into the center of the light. He found a magical ring, but was unable to determine what type of ring it might be at that time. When the light dissipated, a wall of force sprang up, blocking the top of the stair, so the group ventured back into the corridor, and explored in an easterly direction.
The dwarf discovered a secret door at the end of one passage, and the paladin, with the help of the rest of the group, managed to break it down. The door had opened up into a large room, with exits on the north-east and south-east sides. After exploring the northern exit a little bit, the party settled on the southern exit, which led to another long tunnel. They decided on a right turn, and after a little ways, another right turn, and after traveling a little down this corridor, they discovered a storage room with one exit, and an arcane inscription of a door on the south wall. This is where the group decided to rest for the night.

Day 3

After resting next to the corpse left by the “mirror,” the group explored some of the area around, and discovered a looping tunnel that connects to the oddly shaped chamber, as well as a rope bridge spanning a chasm freshly made by the recent earthquake. After venturing out onto the bridge, the paladin was attacked by an “octo-bat”, and was reeled in by the other party members. In doing so, the party was covered in impenetrable darkness, apparently cast by the “octo-bat.” Another “octo-bat” joined the fray, and attempted to grapple several party members. The dwarf instead grappled it in turn, and beat it to death against the wall, and then used it as a club to attack the remaining “octo-bat.”
After venturing out onto the bridge again, the party spotted two corpses at the bottom of the chasm, but the wizard’s owl determined that they were dead, and had nothing of value, and the paladin discovered a corpse dangling from the bridge. He was able to salvage several pieces of gear, including a magical longsword. After regrouping on the other side of the chasm, the party wandered into a section of tunnel that was submerged in water. The paladin took the lead, and was summarily attacked by a ghostly skeletal hand wielding a rusty longsword.
After dispatching the apparition, the group discovered a secret door that they were unable to open. Continuing down the corridor, the party encountered a wall of impenetrable blackness. The paladin decided to inspect it, and discovered a pit trap underneath the darkness. Little did he know that by entering the pit, he activated a second trap, which released a swarm of tiny beholders upon the party. After dispatching the swarm, the party decided to rest and recuperate.

Day 2

Our adventurers made a unanimous decision to execute the half-orc, and burn his body. After doing so, they found a secret room, and decided to spend the night. The next day, they explored further down the tunnels, until they found a room full of columns. This was the designated meeting area to be able to purchase a map of the area. The paladin took exception to the fact that the young woman and her bugbear companions were evil, and decided to attack them. They fled down the tunnels, and as soon as the paladin entered the hallway to chase them, one of the columns turned into a stone construct and started following. The dwarf attacked the construct as it passed her, which caused the construct to halt pursuit and defend itself. The wizard tried to help, but thanks to the anti-magic field, he was unable to use his spells. The dwarf took substantial damage from the construct, and the cleric hid behind some columns with her to help her heal a bit, while the paladin returned to the cavern upon hearing the sounds of battle. While the paladin moved to put himself between the construct and his companions, the wizard suggested not attacking the construct, and taking a purely defensive stance. Once the construct was no longer under attack, it walked back to it’s spot and reverted back into a column.
After a brief resting period, the group wandered down a tunnel that was limned with alcoves of mirrors. Upon reaching one of the mirrors, the cleric was attacked by an illusory image of a skeleton, which appeared to reach out of the mirror. She spotted the illusion for what it was though, and warned the rest of the group. Further down the hall, as the group passed the last alcove, the mirror there sprouted tentacles, and attacked them. The paladin stepped in, only to be knocked unconscious and held by the tentacles. The “mirror” came away from the wall and walked out into the hallway. It tried to bargain with the group, by suggesting that they leave the unconscious paladin as his food. The wizard negotiated a trade of rations and wine for the paladin, and when the “mirror” accepted, he retreated back to the inn to procure the agreed upon items. The group carried the paladin down the hall into a room with a half-eaten corpse, and the cleric healed him. The group told the paladin what had happened, and convinced him that attacking the “mirror” again right now would not end well, so he agreed that they should skirt around it until a later time.

Day 1
The Adventure Begins

Our adventurers met each other in the Yawning Portal Inn, after being drawn to the Well. The half-orc cleric went down first by himself after overhearing derogatory comments from the paladin. Once the rest of the group went down to explore, the half-orc sucker punched the paladin by stabbing him with his sword. The rest of the group jumped in to defend the paladin, who ended up felling the half-orc. After the elven cleric healed the half-orc, the two reconciled, against all odds, and the party started their exploring. After going a ways down the tunnel, the wizard found a secret door, and the party decided that knocking on it was the best thing to do. Little did they know that on the other side, sleeping, was a small party of goblins. Their knocking awoke the goblins, who opened the door, surprising the group. After fighting in very close quarters, and being rather bloodied, the group returned to main cavern to regroup.


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